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Before booking: How can I book?

You can book using this website (http://www.turbocabs.com) which is accessible through our website (iPhone and Android coming soon). We take phone calls, but our partner fleets can be contacted directly about your booking (contact details are provided in the journey confirmation notification/email and also in the "Journeys" page).
Where can I use Turbo Cabs?
At present you can book a minicab to collect you anywhere inside Greater London. The drivers will take you anywhere in the UK. ◘ With over 70 providers and 10,000 cabs in the U.K we always have a cab around the corner.

How much do I pay for a booking via Turbo Cabs?
It costs nothing to book a journey when paying by cash, pre-paid account, credit or debit card. There is zero transaction fee involved.

Which credit and debit cards do you take?
Turbo Cabs accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Electron and Laser. Turbo Cabs does not currently accept American Express.

How can I be sure that my credit and debit card details are safe with Turbo Cabs?
Your card details are managed, stored and protected by Cybersource, the world leader in digital payments. Not only does this mean no one can access your data, but because Cybersource manages 25% of world payments, fraud is likely to be detected within their system before it happens. See also Turbo Cabs Privacy Policy for more info on how we keep your data safe.

How far in advance can I book a journey?

You can book up to 5 months in advance.
How long does it take to get a quote?
You should receive several quotes within a few seconds from our Partner fleets who have a car available.

Why do I need to register for an account? What info does Turbo Cabs need?

In order for our partner fleets and drivers to have sufficient information to manage your bookings, Turbo Cabs asks you for your email address and phone number. You may decide to register a credit or debit card against your account too to make paying more convenient.

What is Cab Hunter?

Cab Hunter is an exclusive service for Turbo Cabs account holders. If your journey choice didn't provide a pick up time within 20 minutes, you can select this functionality and Turbo Cabs will try to find you an earlier minicab at the same price. A dropdown box enables you to pay more if you want and will increase your chances of Turbo Cabs finding you an available minicab with an earlier pick up time. Once ticked, simply press 'Account', and if the search is successful, Turbo Cabs will cancel the booked mini, replace it with the earlier one and notify you of the new details

Do you take pets?

The law states that minicab drivers must take assistance dogs. Our only request is that this is added to the comments field when booking, so that a driver can make sure his vehicle is ready to accommodate a dog, i.e. with a blanket on the back seat. For all other dogs, please request this via the comments field, however our fleets cannot guarantee they can take dogs and you will be notified accordingly.

Can I book a vehicle with a child seat through Turbo Cabs?

Although not required by law for babies (or infants) to be seated in a child or booster seat during a minicab journey, about 50% of our Fleet Partners provide a booster seat service. This can be requested when booking but requires a minimum of 3 hours notice.
Why do I need to provide a flight number for an airport pickup?
All of Turbo Cabs fleets check flight times for airport pickups and will adjust the pickup time according to this information. This will save you from being charged waiting time if your flight is delayed.

When picking up from the Airport what does the price I have been quoted include?

All airport pickup prices include 60 minutes waiting time from when the flight lands and the parking associated charges. After the 60 minutes you will be liable for any additional waiting time or car park charges (although as fleets check for late flights, you should have plenty of time!).

Why might I see different prices for the same journey from the same company at different times?

Turbo Cabs will frequently bring you promotional pricing on journeys when our fleet partners wish to offer them. These 'Exclusive Fares' are bordered in blue on the Quotes Page.

I have tried to make a booking but my account is in negative credit and I am told I need to top up before I can make a booking. Why?
Turbo Cabs applies charges to journeys if they are cancelled too close to the pickup time to protect our fleets from incurring unnecessary charges (see terms and conditions for more information on timings). If you cancel a journey shortly before the pickup time, your account is put into negative balance if the amount owed for the cancellation is greater than your balance. If you feel this has been unfairly charged please email info@turbocabs.com and our customer service team will be happy to investigate this for you.

During journey: What are extras?

Extras are any additional charges that will have arisen after the original journey details have been provided.
These may include the following:
◘   Waiting Time: time incurred when the driver is waiting for a passenger to embark after the required time of arrival.
◘  Journey Waiting Time: Any additional time incurred during the journey as directed by the passenger (e.g. driver kept waiting at additional pick-ups).
◘   Parking: Any car parking fees that may occur at the pick up or additional pick-ups.
◘   Extra Mileage: For example if the final destination changes en route.
◘   Vias: If any additional pick-ups/destinations/stops are added to the journey.
Any extras that have occurred on cash bookings will need to be paid directly to the driver. For extras on a journey paid by a debit/credit card or by pre-paid account, the amount will be debited from the card or pre-paid account. Should any extras be incurred on a journey charged to cards or accounts, an email confirmation and receipt, showing full details, will be sent to your registered email address.

Account: What is a pre-paid account?

A pre-paid account is money loaded as a balance on you Turbo Cabs account (just like a pre-paid or "pay as you go" mobile phone). This lets you book journeys quickly and also provides additional benefits (see below).
Why should I open a pre-paid account with Turbo Cabs?
A pre-paid Turbo Cabs account means you don't need to carry cash or cards but you can still use our services. There are no extra fees. There is also additional functionality that is only available to pre-paid account holders (see "Cab Hunter"). Additionally a person can have someone else's card associated with their account (e.g. a parent can set up their card against a child's account: please note the security code of the card (the three digit code on the reverse, a.k.a. "CCV") is always needed to top up a pre-paid account).

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking "Forgot password" on the log in screen or by editing your profile details (accessed via "Account" on app or your profile page on http://www.turbocabs.com/). Turbo Cabs cannot remind you of your password, as we do not store them.

Can I take money out of my Turbo Cabs account?

If you wish to withdraw funds you have deposited in your Turbo Cabs account, please email info@turbocabs.com. No funds provided by Turbo Cabs (e.g. promotional credits) can be withdrawn.

After booking: How do I know when my car arrives?

You will receive an SMS and an email. This will also give you information on the make/model/colour/registration of your vehicle. The fleet may also call or text you for confirmation, especially if you have not reached the car.

How will I know if my car is running late?

You will receive an in-app notification (or SMS if these are not enabled) from the fleet updating you with the extent of the delay and the reason for it. This should not happen frequently but is sometimes unavoidable due to traffic etc.

Can I amend or cancel a journey I have made?

Yes, you can amend and cancel journeys via the "Journeys" page. However, if the amendment you wish to make impacts on the journey time, pickup, destination or Vehicle Size, Turbo Cabs will have to cancel the journey before it provides new quotes for you to choose from. Don't worry; it is simple and free to do this as long as it is sufficiently in advance of the pick-up time (see fees below and also Terms and Conditions).

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Summary

As a general policy, Turbo Cabs only charges cancellation fees where necessary to compensate drivers who have committed time to the bookings(see below for more information). Refunds (for both credit/debit card and Turbo Cabs pre-paid account bookings) are made to the customers' Turbo Cabs pre-paid account (this is to enable simple rebooking and minimise bank fees). If a customer receives a refund from a card booking and wished this to be returned to their bank account, please email info@turbocabs.com and we will do this immediately.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellations can be made either via our software or by calling the chosen fleet directly.
Cancellation charges will be applied as follows if the car is cancelled within the following times and if the car has already been allocated by the selected fleet (N.B. the customer will be notified immediately at this time).
◘  £5.00 - For all advanced booked journeys (excluding journeys where the pick-up is from an airport) where the booking is cancelled within 15 minutes of the required time of arrival. If an advanced booking is cancelled less than 15 minutes before pick up and a car has not yet been allocated, no cancellation charge will be made.
◘  £5.00 - For all ASAP bookings (excluding journeys where the pick-up is from an airport). Where an ASAP booking is made and a car has not yet been allocated, no cancellation charge will be made.
◘  £20.00 - For all advanced booked journeys where the pick-up is from an airport and the booking is cancelled less the 60 minutes before the required time of arrival.
◘  £20.00 - For all ASAP bookings where the pick-up is from an airport.
If you make any other arrangements for your journey without informing the selected fleet either via the software or directly over the phone, Turbo Cabs Exchange Ltd reserves the right to automatically charge you a cancellation fee.

Payment of Cancellation Fees
If a cash booking is cancelled leading to a cancellation fee the amount will be deducted from your pre-paid account (should you have one). If you do not have a pre-paid account the amount will be logged as a negative balance on your account and you will not be able to make any further bookings through Turbo Cabs until the negative balance has been settled.
If a booking is made using a credit or debit card and then cancelled, leading to a cancellation fee as defined above, Turbo Cabs Exchange Ltd will charge your credit card or account the cancellation fee.
If a booking is made through a pre-paid account and then cancelled leading to a cancellation fee as defined above, Turbo Cabs Exchange Ltd will credit your pre-paid account with the original amount less your cancellation fee. If this fee creates a negative balance on your account you will not be able to make any further bookings through Turbo Cabs until the negative balance has been settled.

Who do I call if there is an issue with my booking?

You can contact the us 24/7 on: +44 203 93 646 93 or the fleet directly for any enquiry relating to a specific journey. The number will be clearly provided on your booking confirmation sent to your phone and your email and is contained within your "Journeys" page.
For all other issues or unresolved contacts with fleets, please contact info@turbocabs.com