Paul Stein – Rolls Royce CTO – Digital Security | Data Visualisation | Block Chain | SCM | Agile Environment

Paul Stein looks at the volumes of data available from the present day intelligent systems and needs smart interventions by humans on them.

Feeling optimistic about the way the world has progressed in the field of digital security and cloud systems, he says, India has a potential to build a healthy solution for the growing challenges in the digitization world.

Tech giants such as TCS have already enough infrastructures to help the world in providing data visualization solutions. He envisions the extent that digitization can play in the supply chain sectors.AI is in the frontline of digitization where it converges design, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities.

He says Rolls Royce has already started to use AI to look for solutions to problems that were too big to handle earlier. In manufacturing, he wishes to see blockchain to interact with supply chain, which is the main thrust is to digitize supply chain management.

With our 600 engineers only in the Bangalore, India based Rolls Royce center, which serves solutions to the globe, gives him an immense confidence on how India can improve on its talent pool. He points out the talent pool available in India to make and export solutions to the entire globe. Moving a step further, he says India must get inspiration from UK and Singapore, to take a leap towards a more agile and fast-paced business environment.

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