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Talking about a person who can, sitting halfway across the world, still control the fridge in his home, turn the boiler on and off, or even open the door for his guest, using intelligent systems built by him. As a Chief Technology Officer at Rolls-Royce, Paul Stein, is optimistic about what technology can become and how they will head in the near future.

Speaking to a Money control magazine reporter, he gave a glimpse of what we could expect to become true, from the pace of present technological capabilities. A pioneering leader in the field of aeronautics, Rolls Royce is at the forefront to lead and produce innovative aerospace products. The CTO himself was happy about the way his company has mastered the essence of craftsmanship in making aerospace engines.

In the conversation, he points out the next generation of commercial engines that Rolls Royce was working on. It is the ‘Ultrafan’ which is set to be operational by 2025. Also, he says it is their milestone product which has a major work over ever since the engines were in the 1970s.

Turning away from the aviation stuff, Paul Stein was interested in discussing the plans that his company had to embrace the marine world.

Rolls Royce’s marine division uses VR for training crews to handle ships at rough sea conditions. Also, not least, is the AR which is used in their manufacturing facilities to assemble complex machinery in the right order. It is believed that using AR/VR helps them in developing products at a greater pace with minimal maintenance requirements and training their service personnel.

The other side of this conversation was into the future of cars, and the electrification of civil aviation. The CTO himself believes that it is no surprise to see a flying car carrying passenger’s up to 20 KM within city limits. He reveals about this idea as he intends to say what the electrification of civil aviation means to the real world.

Digitalization is a new era; all things are connected and are capable of communication at the will of the recipients. Yes, digitalization and visualization are hot topics of the day as they leverage businesses to unleash their true potential.

With the advent of IoT, it is very certain that we are supplied with an overwhelming amount of data which needs intelligence to see the problem from inside.

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